Fruit staxx

Fruit staxx

Fruit staxx novomatic

Fruit staxx is a new type of game developed by novomatic. Many exciting games that have been developed by novomatic make many gamers want to keep looking and waiting for new games from novomatic. Its success makes many gamers love and believe in novomatic. No need to wait long, gamers can immediately play the fruit staxx game with great symbols.

The type of game that presents many fruit symbols makes many gamers want to win this game. Having 5 fresh reels makes the bettor have a chance to win with fruit symbols. Let’s arrange the fruit symbols and win as many as 30 types of wins that the fruit staxx game has neatly arranged.

Auto play game

Feg-jp – The direction value that can form a winning number can be taken from left to right. To be able to get scores and points gamers can collect symbols that have the same shape or it can also collaborate with other symbols. When you start playing the game, of course, you have to prepare a few steps so you can win quickly and easily.

If you are already proficient in the fruit staxx game then you can immediately play the game quickly and easily without having to play for a long time. Auto press game will make everything so easy. The screen will move by itself without pressing the play button. Spinning on the reels will be fast and make it easier for gamers to get value faster and win.

Game symbol

Each symbol that is present will form a winning pattern so gamers don’t be surprised if they suddenly win with a high value. The following symbols are available in the fruit staxx game: number 7, bell, watermelon, lemon, red and blue double bars, grapes, cherry, oranges, fruit staxx bonus, and plums.

nilai tinggi
quick win with bonus//nilai tinggi

The number 7 becomes a wild sign that can replace all symbols except the fruit staxx bonus. If the gamer manages to get the same symbol, he will get a high score and win in the fruit staxx base game. Playing games is certainly a lot of things that gamers have been waiting for, namely free games. To be able to activate the free game the bettor must get the same fruit staxx symbol as much as 3 symbols.

Free spins

The number of free games that bettors will get is 32 free spins. It really makes bettors impatient to quickly enjoy the games that have been provided by Fruit Staxx. The theme in the game is full of sparkles, making the bettor feel happy when they win the game.

The more fruit staxx gamers get, the greater the chance of the bettor to win. The large number of free spins makes it easy for gamers to win quickly. Fruit staxx does not follow the direction of the game because the symbol is able to give its own value so that the chances of winning are even higher.

Game info and play on smartphone

Get wild symbols that fill the screen so that the bettor will get a higher coin value. It looks simple but has a lot of great winning light. If when playing the fruit staxx game the bettor is still curious, then press the info sign. Press info and enter it, the bettor will find some information that can make the bettor win quickly.

Fruit staxx games can also be enjoyed and played via smartphones. A system that already has an Android device will make it easy for bettors to play without having to carry a large device. Playing the fruit staxx bettor game does not need to download anymore.

Shimmering Woods

Shimmering Woods

Slot Online Shimmering Woods Playngo

Game slot Shimmering Woods akan memberikan 243 cara saat pada permainan dasar tanpa adanya simbol split. Namun saat terjadi simbol split maka akan ada 7776 cara untuk meraih nilai kemenangan dengan mudah. Awal mula tampilan permainan ada pada 3×5 reels, namun pada saat terjadi perputaran barisan akan semakin banyak namun gulungan ada pada posisinya yaitu 5 reels. 

Kali ini temanya ialah di tengah hutan yang memiliki bentuk pohon yang indah dan besar – besar. Siapa sangka bettor tidak hanya akan diberikan nilai penggali yang besar melainkan pemandangan yang indah. 

Simbol yang ada pada slot shimmering wood dapat memicu simbol split. Tanda split sebetulnya tidak hanya terjadi pada saat babak free spins namun sudah terlihat saat pada permainan dasar. Simbol split dapat muncul dimana saja. Tak hanya simbol split, namun simbol penggali pada kanan slot paling atas. Simbol penggali akan memberikan nilai kemenangan tak terduga sehingga dapat memicu nilai yang besar. 

 Free Spins

Feg-jp – pada babak free spins apabila muncul minimal 3 simbol scatter maka akan diberikan jumlah free spins tambahan yaitu
– 3 scatter = 3 free spins & 1+ simbol split, 

– 4 scatter = 6 free spins & 2+ simbol split,
– Apabila 5 scatter = 9 free spins & 3+ simbol split, 

– 6 scatter = 12 free spins & 4+ simbol split.

Tentu saja selama babak free spins simbol scatter dapat dipicu kembali, sehingga memperoleh jumlah babak free spins dapat berkali lipat. 

Simbol pembayaran

Simbol yang berdekatan dari kiri ke kanan akan dibayarkan sesuai dengan ketentuan yang ada. Pada babak permainan ini akan ada nilai pembayaran kombinasi dan nilai tertinggi saja yang akan dibayarkan. 

– Wild ada pada simbol berlian yang bertuliskan huruf W. Tanda W apabila muncul 3 simbol akan memberikan nilai 2, 4= 3 dan 5= 6. Tanda wild akan memberikan nilai pembayaran sesuai persyaratan kecuali simbol scatter.

Berlian W siap kasih koin//indah

– Berlian putih apabila muncul 3 simbol akan memberikan nilai 2, 4= 3 dan 5= 6.

– Warna berlian hijau apabila muncul 3 simbol akan memberikan nilai 1.4, 4= 2 dan 5= 4.

– Biru warna berlian apabila muncul 3 simbol akan memberikan nilai 1, 4= 1.5 dan 5= 3.

– berwarna berlian merah apabila muncul 3 simbol akan memberikan nilai 0.6, 4= 1 dan 5= 2.

– A apabila muncul 3 simbol akan memberikan nilai 0.3, 4= 0.4 dan 5= 0.8.

– K apabila muncul 3 simbol akan memberikan nilai 0.3, 4= 0.4 dan 5= 0.8.

– Q apabila muncul 3 simbol akan memberikan nilai 0.3, 4= 0.4 dan 5= 0.8.

– J apabila muncul 3 simbol akan memberikan nilai 0.2, 4= 0.3 dan 5= 0.6.

– 10 apabila muncul 3 simbol akan memberikan nilai 0.2, 4= 0.3 dan 5= 0.6.

– Scatter ialah simbol berlian dengan kombinasi warna ungu ke pink. Simbol scatter apabila muncul pada babak permainan dasar akan memberikan jumlah free spins dan simbol split berbeda -beda. Jika muncul 3 simbol scatter = 10 free spins & 1+ Simbol Split.

4 simbol scatter = 13 free spins & 2+ simbol split.

5 Simbol scatter = 16 free spins & 3+ simbol split.

6 Simbol scatter = 19 free spins & 4+ simbol split.

Impera link explorer's book

Impera link explorer’s book

Impera link explorer’s book

Still like looking for treasure and adventuring in places that are extreme and fun. You can find it in the game impera link explorer’s book. An exciting game that will take you on an adventure to find treasure on a lost island with a dense forest. Games that provide unlimited fun feel the thrill of being in the forest.

Game impera link explorer’s book will show a landscape full of green and big trees. Games set in the forest will make you be careful because there might be wild animals that can attack you. To be able to achieve the goal you must issue a manual.

Go to the temple

Feg-jp – The book that will be an introduction to get you to the Inca temple. With the book, it will make it easier for gamers to win faster and arrive at the temple. Maybe many think why should you go to the temple? in the game impera link explorer’s book you not only go to the temple to pray but you will also hunt for treasure there.

There are many types of treasures that you can find in the game impera link explorer’s book. In the game there are symbols that are ready to give gamers victory such as: photos of men in hats, women, tigers, books, coins, birds and many other symbols that gamers can find in the game. To find out which symbols can give value and how much the gamer has to get, you can press game info.

Game information

There will be many types of information that gamers will get from the game impera link explorer’s book. Book is a wild sign. Wild which can replace all symbols. The presence of wild will make it easier for gamers to get value. The same 3 books will open the book and you will see some pictures that can add value to the game.

enter the forest and wild animals//instruction

The game spinner impera link explorer’s book has 5 reels full of unique symbols. There are many types of payments that gamers can get on the impera link explorer’s book. 10 types of payments that gamers are ready to get when they reach the temple. It’s really stressful, isn’t it an adventure with only books?

Get the game jackpot

Makes the feeling of pounding continue to ring incessantly, and you must be aware of the area around the forest. There are many wild animals ready to pounce on you so be careful when walking in the forest. Due to joining impera link, game explorer’s book also provides game jackpots. There are 5 jackpots that gamers can get if gamers are lucky.

Game impera link explorer’s book game that uses real money so gamers must be good at placing game bets. To bring the jackpot you have to bring up 6 coins in any position. When you get 6 blue coins, you have activated the jackpot feature. There are 5 jackpots that are ready to help you, namely: impera logo, minor, mini, major, and grand.

The end of the jackpot round

When you get to all five jackpots, the jackpots will unite and explode into a grand jackpot. The grand jackpot will give you high coin value and you win. An active jackpot will lock the game screen and make the screen stop motionless. What’s moving is the reels screen that hasn’t hit any coins or jackpots.

When the screen is full then gamers will get a chance to win. Screen rotation during screen lock will stop when the screen is full or the opportunity to rotate has been exhausted.